Senin, 03 Maret 2014


There was a sad story of an umbrella, and it was happened to me. One day, my neighbor was offered her umbrella sale and I love the one of them, pink lined up crimson heart motif. Hence, my mother was bought it for me. How glad I am. It was my first umbrella. I would keep as could as possible.
Class started and I had to go back to indekos. I took my new umbrella carefully and not put it with other goods. I took it in hand.
“Why don’t you put in the bag? I’m afraid you’ll forget and left it in the bus.” said my mother.
“No, I’m afraid that it will be broken.” I replied. Yep, sound excessive isn’t it? Indeed, that's the fact.
In the bus, I kept my eyes on the umbrella, assured that it was still on my grip. When I got to my room, I hanged it close to bed. As much as possible my eyes reach it.

I'm waiting for the rainy season to use it.

The rain was falling when I went home from campus.
“Well, time to go with you.” I muttered, grabbed the worth umbrella confidently.

Shortly, after I had dried up my umbrella, the door knocked. It was my classmate. I frowned as I asked her to sit.
“Thanks, but I just want to say if I might borrow your umbrella. I'm afraid my mother will worry waiting for me. I’ll give back it tomorrow.” She pleaded.
I did not answer, looked misgiving at my friend and umbrella in turns. Eventually, I handed my umbrella reluctantly. I saw her running as the rain getting heavy.
I wish she can keep my precious umbrella.
I couldn’t sleep that night, kept anxious waiting for tomorrow when my umbrella was supposed to return.
The following day, I went to campus early for waiting my friend coming. No any longer she came. But nothing words said when she walked by. On the contrary, I asked her
“Sorry, I was in hurry, so forget to bring it.” she replied nonchalantly.

And a week passed, my umbrella returned in messy fold. I opened it.
 I wanted to say that what she’d given was not mine. Looks fade, mold and bad umbrella. I wanted to deny and handed it back to her. I got my eyes misty. I couldn’t say anything as my lips began trembling. I wonder what had happened to it after a long week ago. 

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